DeGe Mobile Crypto Wallet

DeGe Mobile Crypto Wallet is a theme for Ui-templates from Theme Forest author angelbi88. It went live  April 02, 2021.

Per the site’s description, relevant points to notice are:

The design system was built on the principles of Ant Design and optimized for Figma. Start exploring blockchain applications with lots of features. Save hundreds of hours and use React, Angular or Vue library to have your projects developed

This noble theme costs $36.

You can preview the theme by going to DeGe Mobile Crypto Wallet.

We did you a favor and did some work so you can take a better look at things right now. Immediately, you can see a screenshot of the theme below:

If you are ready to buy it, click over to DeGe Mobile Crypto Wallet.

Please, write down what you think of DeGe Mobile Crypto Wallet.

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