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Improving C# With Version 6 — ah, here we have a theme for Courses from Theme Forest author tutsplus. It was published on  April 26, 2016.

Per the site’s description, relevant points to notice are:

Jeremy McPeak started his development career on the client side, writing JavaScript and DHTML components in his spare time. Instead of bringing one or two new features, there are many—and each of them will change the way we write code on a daily basis. He has co-written several books, such as Professional Ajax 1st Edition, Professional Ajax 2nd Edition, and Beginning JavaScript 3rd and 4th editions. Every new version of C# brings new functionality to the language, but version 6 has even more changes than previous versions

This formidable theme costs $5.

You can get a feel for the theme by going to Improving C# With Version 6.

We did you a favor and got started so you can take a better look at things right now. Immediately, you can view a screenshot of the theme below:

If you are ready to purchase it, head over to Improving C# With Version 6.

Please, write down what you think of Improving C# With Version 6.

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